Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering was started in 2001 by the suggestion of Evaluating Branch of Learning on Traffic and Transportation Engineering of State Council Academic Degree Committee of China. Its responsible department is the Ministry of Education of PRC. Its sponsor is Chang’an University, which is famous with the education and study about road traffic and transportation engineering in China. Its associate sponsors are Evaluating Branch of Learning on Traffic and Transportation Engineering of State Council Academic Degree Committee of China, Southeast University and Southwest Jiaotong University, the latters are excellent in the field of traffic and transportation engineering in China. This journal with ISSN 1671-1637 is published bimonthly in China.
Latest Issue
WANG Zhi-zhong1, TIAN Ye2, SUN Jian2, HUANG Yan2, YU Rong-jie1,2
2023年06期: 1-9 (503) [Abstract] [PDF: 17479KB]
ZHAO Xiang-mo's team supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China(2021YFB2501200)
2023年06期: 10-77 (38) [Abstract] [PDF: 19208KB]
ZHANG Hong-hai1, YI Jia1, LI Shan1, LIU Hao2, ZHONG Gang1
2023年06期: 78-93 (33) [Abstract] [PDF: 4543KB]
ZHANG Gang, ZHAO Xiao-cui, SONG Chao-jie, LI Xu-yang, TANG Chen-hao, WAN Hao, LU Ze-lei, DING Yu-hang
2023年06期: 94-113 (37) [Abstract] [PDF: 27220KB]
BAO Wei-xing, LI Wei, MAO Xue-song, CHEN Rui, QIN Chuan, LIU Ya-lun
2023年06期: 114-124 (38) [Abstract] [PDF: 14659KB]
JIA Jie, ZHU Jian-guo, LIU Hong-hai, WAN Yi-pin
2023年06期: 125-134 (26) [Abstract] [PDF: 11968KB]
WANG Ying-jie1,2, CHU Hang1, CHEN Yun-feng3, SHI Jin1
2023年06期: 135-145 (26) [Abstract] [PDF: 4312KB]
ZHOU Yong-jun1, XUE Yu-xin1, GAO Xu-jun2, LI Ran-ran3, WANG Ye-lu1, ZHAO Yu1
2023年06期: 146-155 (18) [Abstract] [PDF: 8169KB]
FENG Zhong-ju1, CHEN Hui-yun1,2, WANG Fu-chun1, HU Hai-bo3, XU Zhan-hui4, YAO Xian-hua5
2023年06期: 156-167 (33) [Abstract] [PDF: 16288KB]
MA Wei-hua1, LI Teng-fei1, HU Jun-xiong1, ZHANG Sai2, LUO Shi-hui1
2023年06期: 168-179 (22) [Abstract] [PDF: 13568KB]
HU Yong-pan1,2, WANG Zhi-qiang1,3, LONG Zhi-qiang1,3
2023年06期: 180-192 (15) [Abstract] [PDF: 8835KB]
HU Dao-yu, YAN Shao-qiang, CAI Hua, ZHANG Zhi-hua, ZHANG Yan-qing
2023年06期: 193-205 (42) [Abstract] [PDF: 21681KB]
LI Miao1, MA Ya-qun1, WANG Yu2, LUO Shi-hui1, MA Wei-hua1, LEI Cheng3
2023年06期: 206-215 (31) [Abstract] [PDF: 14425KB]
LIU Qing-hui1, MA Wei-hua1, SHAN Lei2, LUO Shi-hui1, LIU Jing1, QIN Long-quan1
2023年06期: 232-243 (32) [Abstract] [PDF: 7057KB]
CHEN Zheng-lei1, CHONG Xiao-lei1, LIU Chao-jia1, SHAO bin1, GENG Hao1, ZHANG Jia-jia2, XU Ji-hui1
2023年06期: 244-256 (29) [Abstract] [PDF: 5118KB]
WANG Zheng-wu, PAN Jun-liang, CHEN Tao, HUA Xiao-yue
2023年06期: 270-282 (43) [Abstract] [PDF: 4954KB]
HUANG He1,2, LI Wen-long1,2, YANG Lan3, WANG Hui-feng2, RU Feng1,4, GAO Tao3
2023年06期: 283-300 (35) [Abstract] [PDF: 55492KB]
CHAI Lin-guo1,2, RUI Tao3, SHANGGUAN Wei1,2, CAI Bai-gen1,2
2023年06期: 301-313 (32) [Abstract] [PDF: 7089KB]
TUO Yu-long1, KANG Cai-xia1, WANG Sha-sha1, DAI Dong-chen1, GAO Shuang2, LI Li-li1
2023年06期: 314- (18) [Abstract] [PDF: 8110KB]