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Design and validation of test model for structural vibration of overpass with track box girder(PDF)


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Design and validation of test model for structural vibration of overpass with track box girder
LUO Kun1 ZHANG Xin-ya2 LEI Xiao-yan1
(1. Engineering Research Center of Railway Environmental Vibration and Noise of Ministry of Education, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang 330013, Jiangxi, China; 2. Guangzhou Metro Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 510010, Guangdong, China)
bridge engineering similar model track box girder structure excitation test modal acceleration
Based on the π theory and the dimensional analysis method, the similarity relationship of physical quantities between the scale model and the prototype of a 32 m overpass with track box girder structure were deduced. The accuracy of similarity relationship was verified via the dynamic simulation. By considering the similarity relationship as design guides and selecting materials rationally, a scale test model of track box girder structure with a geometric similarity ratio of 10:1 was constructed. The modal frequencies, vibration modes, and acceleration responses of the scale test model were obtained via the excitation test, and the results were compared with the finite element simulation results to validate the scale test model. Using the model, the vibration transmission characteristics of track box girder structure were studied. Research results demonstrate that the deviations of the first 10 order modal frequencies between the scale model of overpass with track box girder and the prototype structure are less than 1%. The acceleration response curve obtained for the scale model is consistent with that obtained for the prototype. The deduced similarity relationship between the scale model and the prototype is accurate. The errors between the measured modal frequencies of the scale test model and the finite element simulation results are less than 8.8%. In addition, the vibration modes are consistent for all orders, and the measured acceleration response variations with respect to time are consistent with the finite element simulation results. Hence, the constructed scale test model of overpass with track box girder structure is reliable. When the vibration transmits in the track structure, the fasteners and rubber layer have evident attenuation effects for high-frequency vibrations(at frequencies above 1 000 Hz). When the vibration transmits from the top plate to the bottom plate of box girder, the top plate acceleration admittance is the largest, followed by that of the wing plate and then that of the web. The bottom plate acceleration admittance is the smallest. The scale test model of overpass with track box girder structure can reflect the general transmission law of vibration responses of prototype. Therefore, the model can be used to study the vibration transmission characteristics and control technology of track box girder structures. 6 tabs, 20 figs, 31 refs.


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