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Fast intelligent decision of operation schemes for construction of intelligent crude oil pipelines(PDF)


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Fast intelligent decision of operation schemes for construction of intelligent crude oil pipelines
WANG Jun-fang1 CAO Dan-fu1 JIAO Jie1 YU Hong-mei1 YUAN Qing2 YU Bo3 CHEN Zhi-min4 DENG Ya-jun3
(1. PipeChina Network Corporation Eastern Oil Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., Xuzhou 221008, Jiangsu, China; 2. School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an 710049, Shaanxi, China; 3. School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Beijing 102617, China; 4. School of Energy and Power Engineering, Northeast Electric Power University, Jilin 132012, Jilin, China)
pipeline transportation intelligent crude oil pipeline intelligent decision real-time optimization differential evolution algorithm parallel computing
To solve the real-time optimization problem during the construction of intelligent crude oil pipelines, an intelligent decision model of operation schemes with the optimization goals of minimizing the energy consumption and unsafe factor was established from the perspectives of energy saving and operational safety. Based on the differential evolution algorithm, the ideas of improving the reliability and optimization efficiency of the optimization algorithm were proposed from the perspectives of algorithms, including from the processing of mutation decision variables beyond bounds and the mutation operator of discrete decision variables. Combined with the algorithm computation process and parallel computing framework, four parallel computing strategies were proposed. The Yizheng-Changling Crude Oil Pipeline(Yichang Pipeline)with a length of about 900 km was used as the tested pipeline to verify and further analyze the algorithm improvement ideas and parallel computing strategies. Research results indicate that the intelligent decision method of operation schemes combining the intelligent decision model and the optimization algorithm can reduce the energy consumption cost of the Yichang Pipeline by 7.22% on the premise of safe operation of the pipeline, and the energy-saving effect is obvious. The improved processing method of mutation decision variables beyond bounds and the mutation operator of discrete decision variables based on the floating-point rounding can improve the reliability of the optimization results of crude oil pipeline operation schemes, and the former can reduce the optimization computation time by at least half, and the latter can reduce the optimization computation time by at least two-thirds. There are some differences in the advantages and disadvantages of different parallel computing strategies for different computer configurations. Under the optimal parallel computing strategy, the optimization computation time on the server reduces from 220 s to 10 s, and the acceleration ratio can reach 22 times. It can be seen that the acceleration ratio of optimization computation can be accelerated by over 130 times by using the fast intelligent decision method of operation schemes combining the algorithm improvement ideas and parallel computing strategies, and the optimization computation time significantly reduces. The above results demonstrate the effectiveness of the intelligent decision method for the fast operation optimization of the crude oil pipeline. 14 figs, 35 refs.


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