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Mechanism of rail vibration absorber suppressing rail corrugation in Cologne-egg fastener section(PDF)


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Mechanism of rail vibration absorber suppressing rail corrugation in Cologne-egg fastener section
CUI Xiao-lu12 XU Jia1 LI Tong1 XU Xiao-tian1 QI Wei2 LIU Jin-zhi3
(1. School of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing 400074, China; 2. Chongqing Rail Transit(Group)Co., Ltd., Chongqing 401120, China; 3 Chongqing Rail Transit Line 4 Construction and Operation Co., Ltd., Chongqing 400000, China)
metro rail corrugation friction self-excited vibration sharp curved section rail vibration absorber Cologne-egg fastener
The field investigation of rail corrugation in Chongqing Metro Line 1 was implemented. The dynamical model of the vehicle-track system in the sharp curved section with Cologne-egg fastener was established, and the dynamical characteristics of the leading wheelset passing the section were studied. Based on the theory of friction self-excited vibration of the wheel-rail system, the finite element model of the wheelset-rail-vibration absorber system of the corresponding section was established. The complex eigenvalue and the instantaneous dynamic methods were applied to study the generation mechanism of rail corrugation and the suppression mechanism of the rail vibration absorber. The influence laws of connection parameters and installation methods of the rail vibration absorber on rail corrugation were explored by the control variable method. Analysis results show that the creep force between the leading wheelset and the rail tends to be saturated in the sharp curved section with Cologne-egg fastener, which can easily cause the friction self-excited vibration of the wheel-rail system with a frequency of 477.65 Hz, thereby leading to the rail corrugation with the wavelength of 30-40 mm on the surface of the low rail. By installing the rail vibration absorber, the friction self-excited vibration of the wheel-rail system at the corresponding frequency can be effectively reduced, which further suppresses the formation of rail corrugation in the sharp curved section with Cologne-egg fastener. Increasing the connection stiffness and damping of the rail vibration absorber within a certain range or changing the installation method of the rail vibration absorber can be beneficial to reduce the friction self-excited vibration of the wheel-rail system, thus inhibiting the generation and growth of rail corrugation. When the lateral connection stiffness and damping of rail vibration absorber are 60 MN?m-1and 50 kN?s?m-1, the longitudinal connection stiffness and damping of rail vibration absorber are 60 MN?m-1 and 50 kN?s?m-1, and the vertical connection stiffness and damping of rail vibration absorber are 120 MN?m-1 and 100 kN?s?m-1, respectively, and the rail vibration absorber is installed continuously on both sides of the rail web, the occurrence possibility of friction self-excited vibration of the wheel-rail system is the smallest. 2 tabs,16 figs, 30 refs.


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