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Corresponding relationship between track-bridge system damage and track irregularity under seismic action(PDF)


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Corresponding relationship between track-bridge system damage and track irregularity under seismic action
FENG Yu-lin12 JIANG Li-zhong34 CHEN Meng-cheng12 NIE Lei-xin3 YU Jian3 WU ling-xu3
(1. School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang 330013, Jiangxi, China; 2. State Key Laboratory of Performance Monitoring and Guarantee of Rail Transportation Infrastructure, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang 330013, Jiangxi, China; 3. School of Civil Engineering, Central South University,Changsha 410075, Hunan, China;
high-speed railway track-bridge system earthquake damage track irregularity energy variational principle corresponding relationship
Aiming at the problem of the unclear corresponding relationship between track-bridge system damage and track irregularity on high-speed railway under seismic action, the energy variational principle was used to derive the expression of the deformation coordination relationship between the layers of multilayer composite structures. The expression was used in a high-speed railway unit and longitudinally connected ballastless track-bridge system, the sections were divided and assembled according to the track structures' forms and beam span joints, and the corresponding relationship between high-speed railway foundation structure deformation and track irregularity was proposed considering the influence of the subgrade and simply supported approach bridge. The field measurement, numerical simulation model and train-track continuous beam bridge-subgrade coupling dynamics theory were adopted to verify the corresponding relationship, and the damage law of the track-bridge system under seismic action was statistically analyzed. The track irregularity samples considering the earthquake damage obtained by the proposed corresponding relationship were verified by the numerical simulation model. Research results show that the corresponding relation is in good agreement with the track irregularity caused by the bridge deformation obtained by the numerical simulation model and the field measurement, and the maximum errors are not more than 5%. The dynamic performance indexes of the train-bridge under the effect of track irregularity are basically the same, which verifies the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed corresponding relationship. Under seismic action, the damage of the components between the layers of the track-bridge system is relatively small, while the damage of the bearings is relatively large. The maximum damage of the components is at the beam joints, however, it's only approximately 1% of the damage of bearings. Under the seismic actions with different fortification levels, the corresponding curves of earthquake damage and track irregularity are in good agreement, as calculated by the proposed corresponding relationship and the numerical simulation model, which indicates that the proposed corresponding relationship can be used to calculate and predict the track irregularity of high-speed railway track-bridge systems under seismic action. 1 tab, 10 figs, 33 refs.


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