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Dimensional inspection and evaluation method of highway prefabricated components based on 3D model reconstruction technology(PDF)


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Dimensional inspection and evaluation method of highway prefabricated components based on 3D model reconstruction technology
SHI Xue-fei1 XU Zi-qi1 ZHU Rong2 FU Qing-song1
(1. College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China; 2. Shanghai Tongji Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai 200092, China)
bridge engineering special-shaped concrete prefabricated component dimensional inspection and evaluation 3D model reconstruction point cloud denoising point cloud registration
To adapt the manufacturing dimensional inspection and evaluation of special-shaped concrete prefabricated components of highway engineering to the requirements of industrialized construction, the 3D model reconstruction technology was used to inspect and evaluate the dimensions of special-shaped concrete prefabricated components. A high-precision and automated method of the dimensional inspection and evaluationon special-shaped concrete prefabricated components was proposed, including three steps as 3D model reconstruction, point cloud data processing, and inspection and evaluation system. Principles and key links of point cloud model reconstruction technology based on the 3D photography were summarized. An algorithm of automatically eliminating irrelevant point clouds based on the coordinate transformation and bounding box was studied, and the effectiveness of this algorithm was validated using two case examples. The global point cloud registration and three local registration methods were studied. The detailed structures of components with different shapes and different positions were combined with engineering requirements for comparison. Considering the engineering requirements and the correspondence of registration method, three discriminant principles were proposed for the component dimensional inspection based on the color error nephogram and mathematical statistics method, including the discriminant principle based on mean and standard deviation of error, discriminant principle based on extreme value of error and comprehensive discrimination. The dimensions of a box culvert side wall and a pipe culvert side wall were inspected and evaluated by using these discriminant principles, based on comprehensive analysis of color error nephograms and error distributions. Research result shows that the three different discriminant principles are respectively suitable for the global, local, and global at first and then local inspections and evaluations of prefabricated components. Compared with the actual component, the average dimensional errors of length and width in the point cloud model of special-shaped concrete prefabricated component established by the 3D model reconstruction technology are about 1.5 mm. The 3D model reconstruction technology can replace the manual measurement method, can automatically eliminate irrelevant point clouds, and can facilitate a more stringent component dimensional inspection and evaluation meeting engineering requirements. 2 tabs, 16 figs, 31 refs.


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