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Effect of bionic rhombic surface texture on frictional noise of high-speed train(PDF)


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Effect of bionic rhombic surface texture on frictional noise of high-speed train
WANG Jiu-gen CHEN Shi-hong WANG Qing-jiu
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, Zhejiang, China
vehicle engineering high-speed train frictional noise rhombic texture noise analysis model broadband noise
In order to reduce the frictional noise of gas-solid interface for running high-speed train, a noise analysis model of gas-solid interface was established by using the rhombic surface texture to mimic the surface texture of jaws shin. The compressible N-S equation was solved by using unstructured hybrid grid and k-ε model, and the noise distribution was obtained based on broadband noise source. Numerical result demonstrates that the noise significantly reduces as result of eddy current in the rhombic structure, and the corresponding noise distribution also changes. The air frictional noise of running train increases with the increase of the speed. Compared with the smooth surface, the maximum reducing value of noise intensity for the surface texture with optimal diagonal ratio is 24 dB and the value with optimal depth to side ratio is 20 dB. 18 figs, 13 refs.


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